custom crib board
Custom Tow Truck Cribbage Boards
           - Tow Truck Cribbage Boards
             18 to 26 wheel
              High and low boy trailers
              Hand made from wood
              No 2 alike
             Logging Truck Crib Board
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Custom Crib Boards
These truck custom cribbage boards are all hand made from wood in Canada. The trailers are detachable so can be used as a crib board separately or combined with the truck. They make a great gift for truckers as well and are a great ornamental piece of Canadian art. Some newer models double as a wine bottle holder as well.
$125.00 to $195.00 depending on truck size and materials + shipping.
Email us your preferences for a customized tractor trailer cribbage board quote.
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tow truck crib board
tow truck crib board 2
tractor trailor crib board
tow truck crib board 3
crib board and wine holder
tanker truck
logging truck crib board
Logging truck crib board.