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Rod Tribiger - Fire Sky
wholesale art prints
wholesale art prints
Tag Kim - Family Time
wholesale art prints
Rod Tribiger - Siberian Majesty
wholesale art prints
Artist: Rod Tribiger
s/n 950
image size 13 3/4" x 21 1/4"
Retail price $180.00

1 Artist Proofs Available
Artist: Djeninie Howes
Light of Dawn
s/n 295
image size 16 1/2" x 20"
Retail price $150.00

60 Available
Artist: Frank Loudin
Mists of Ferla
s/n 750
image size 22" x 11"
Retail price $185.00

21 Available
Artist: Jon Van Zyle
Magic Times
Open Edition - Signed
image size 4 1/2" x 12"
Retail price $30.00

Only 2 Available
Artist: Tag Kim
Family Time
s/n 295
image size 28" x 21"
Retail price $180.00

90 Available
Artist: Rod Tribiger
Siberian Majesty
image size " x "
Retail price $

2 Available
Artist: Rod Tribiger
Kelowna - Grizzly
image size " x "
Retail price $

0 Available
Artist: Chris Caldwell
Camera Shy
image size 15" x  22"

4 Available
70% OFF
Sale Price: $54.00
80% OFF
Sale Price: $30.00
76% OFF
Sale Price: $45.00
80% OFF
Sale Price: $36.00
33% OFF
Sale Price: $20.00

Sale Price: $90.00

Sale Price: $90.00
50% OFF
Sale Price: $50.00
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The artwork shown on these pages are all offset lithographs, or as they are commonly referred to, limited edition lithographs or prints. Each are hand numbered and signed by the artist. The edition size of each limited edition is shown beside the image of the limited edition print. Some colors can vary slightly here from the actual image colors as these images have simply been scanned onto the webpage.

Limited edition prints are collectable reproductions of artists work that otherwise people may not be able to afford or obtain. The prints on the following pages have been in storage for approx. 15 years. Most of these editions have long been sold out and many can not be found anywhere else online.

Limited edition lithographs are printed on acid free, archival paper, of museum quality. They should also be framed in acid free framing products to preserve their future value. As with any collectable, supply and demand along with condition creates the aftermarket price.

To ensure the quality of the products are not diminished in any way, all limited edition print orders will be shipped 'flat'. Flat shipping anywhere in Canada is $40. The shipping cost remains the same whether you order 1 or 5 prints. It is the package size which sets the shipping charge. On the other hand if anyone is not concerned about the resale value of their purchases we can ship rolled in a tube for $15.00 anywhere in Canada. Contact Us for shipping outside Canada as we can ship anywhere.

If anyone is interested in original paintings by any of the artists they can contact us via the email form.

For more information about lithography see wikipedia here.

s/n = signed by the artist and number in the edition

a/p = artist proof and number in the edition. Artist proofs are normally approximately 10% of the regular edition size.

retail price = suggested retail selling price at the time the edition was created as set by the publisher/artist.

For more information or purchase inquiries Contact Us here. Gallery inquiries are welcome. Purchases are done via paypal shopping cart for your security.
Sold Out
Chris Caldwell - Camera Shy
Camera Shy - Close up
Close up view
Sold Out