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eBid. Online Auctions with no listing fees.
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online auction site
online auction site
online auction site
online auction site
You can also add extras to your auctions to improve it's visibility throughout the site. The costs are per posting of an auction.
Online Auction Site EBid

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Beat the high prices on ebay and amazon. Lower selling costs means better deals for buyers.

If you are a buyer simply click on your country button below. You can check out the auctions and when you are ready to bid you can register an account. It's Free. Unlike a lot of other online auction sites bids are free.

If you are a seller, do your own cost comparisons. Even if you remain on other auction sites how can you afford not to be here? You can select to sell your items only in your home country or in the international markets you chose. You can sell auction style or at a set price. You can get a free store as well.

The tables below are to show you selling fees as well as addons that you may or may not be interested in. Go view some auctions and then read the faqs pages which should answer most questions you may have.

If you are outside of the 4 country links listed here simply scroll down to the bottom of the landing page of the link you click on to view a complete country list from which you can select your own.

View by clicking the country link nearest
you below. (seperate country links allow you to buy or sell globally or only in areas of your chosing)
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EBid is the best ebay alternative online auction site. It generally features lower prices for buyers. Total seller costs average between 5% to 10% less than on ebay allowing for these lower prices. There are No membership fees of any kind. Just like with an in person auction you register and then are able to bid on the items that interest you.

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